Collecting Shoes for African Children

Partner: Sal's Shoes
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Sponsorship

In the Summer Term of 2017, the whole School came together to donate at least one pair of shoes (and £1 per pair) to Sal's Shoes, to be sent to schools for young children in developing countries.

Aims of the project

Our aims were to assist a small charity, Sal's Shoes, in their collection and distribution programme, as well as teaching our pupils the importance of the value of our donations beyond monetary contributions.

Background and goals

A member of the Senior Management Team chose the project as it enabled our school to look at how we can teach the importance of everyday items' value to others. 


Identified resources include our teaching staff, in order to communicate the project activities to our school's families, and the collected items themselves.  

It uses school facilities as a base for collection, for the duration of the collection activitiy (1 day)

There was a financial contribution by the families (the school) of £1 per pair of shoes to assist with the transport costs.


We are expecting a report from Sal's Shoes as part of their case study work, which will demonstrate the impact of our contribution

Pupil involvement

All pupils (boys, aged 4-13) participated in this project.

Frequency and duration

It was a single event, lasting for one day, though the impact of our contribution will hopefully last into the future.