Cheney School Music Department Partnership

Partner: Cheney School, Headington, Oxford
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Music

A long-standing and wide-ranging partnership between the Music departments of Cheney School and Headington School.

Aims of the project

The partnership aims to ensure that GCSE and A Level Music pupils at Cheney School and Headington School have access to the staff, facilities and expertise required to deliver an outstanding academic Music course.  

Background and goals

The partnership has been established for around five years, and came about through contact between the two Heads of Department. 


The Head of Academic Music at Headington School runs an annual Inset on teaching the GCSE Edexcel Music course, and offers additional support as necessary.  

The Music Technician at Headington School records and processes GCSE and A-level pieces for the pupils from Cheney School, using the Headington recording studio and performance spaces.  Staff accompanists are also provided.  

Headington School hosts exam performances for pupils from both schools.  Parents are invited and refreshements provided.  This affords both sets of pupils a large audience.

Both departments share resources as necessary, for example music stands for big performances. 


The Heads of Department meet regularly to discuss the partnership, and to look for further opportunities to support one another.  

Pupil involvement

GCSE and A-level Music pupils from Cheney School - both boys and girls.

GCSE and A-level Music pupils from Headington School - all girls.

Frequency and duration

This is an ongoing partnership, with events happening throughout the school year. It is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.