Cheltenham College Prep School - local primary school initiative (Gloucester Road Primary)

Partner: Gloucester Road Primary School, Cheltenham
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Music

Having sought a partnership with a state primary school for some time, Cheltenham College Prep School identified this opportunity to share educational practice in Academics, Sport and Music through our Director of Music who is the Chair of Governors at Gloucester Road Primary. The abolition of 'levels' offered a shared challenge and this acted as the catalyst for future plans.

Aims of the project

The main aims of this partnership are for the two schools to work together to understand "Assessment without levels", to create strong co-curricular links and to share staff expertise.

Background and goals

The project was started as the Director of Music at the Prep School is Chair of Governors at Gloucester Road and the Headmaster of the Prep identified the opportunity, which is still in the embryonic stages.


Staff liaison is crucial to the success of this project and our school facilities are used but there is no financial contribution.  Both teaching and non-teaching staff are engaged in this partnership.


This has yet to be designed.

Pupil involvement

Musicians, singers and games players will work together and the pupils involved, both boys and girls, will be in Years 3 - 6.

Frequency and duration

It is hoped that this will be an ongoing project and it is likely that links with Gloucester Road Primary will be made at least twice a term.