Beaucroft Foundation Special School - drama

Partner: Beaucroft Foundation School, Colehill, Wimborne
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Drama

Pupils from Beaucroft School come to Canford's Layard Theatre every Monday afternoon for drama workshops run by Canford staff and pupils. Sessions can also include work on communication, assertiveness skills and peer mediation.

Aims of the project

To offer drama, run by specialist teachers, which was not available within the school's own resources.

Background and goals

Canford approached Beaucroft and offered help.


Two Canford drama teachers are present throughout the sessions which take place every Monday afternoon throughout the year at Canford's Layard theatre. Canford pupils, after intrsuction from the drama staff, help with and lead sessions.


Beaufort's Deputy Head described the sessions as relevant, meaningful, fun and engaging.

Pupil involvement

Ten 6th form pupils of both genders are present throughout each session.

Frequency and duration

Every Monday afternoon throughout the year.