Art, Pottery & Design Partnership

Partner: Little Heath Primary School, Potters Bar
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Design and Technology




Stormont School is offering the services of our Art & Design Coordinator free of charge as a Subject Adviser and teacher for a half day or a full day every Friday during term time from September 2017.

The planning and teaching time, as well as any tools and equipment needed for each project, will be funded by Stormont School – all partnership schools need to provide are the materials, and a classroom; we travel to them and, working with them, we can devise a tailor-made project/scheme of work that meets their needs and the national curriculum, which their staff can adapt and use – making this is a virtually free CPD opportunity as well. As pasrt of this we also offer to host Art & Design sessions / days on Fridays at Stormont, with access to our Art Room, Pottery Studio and/or D&T Workshop.



Aims of the project

To offer specialist teaching and facilities for children, to enhance their learning, to help them to develop new skills, and to broaden their experience

Background and goals

It was proposed by our Art & Design Coordinator in the summer of 2017, and we wrote to all 6 local primary schools; three responded.

The project started in September 2017 and will run all year.


We provide one teacher, the plans and the equipment.

Partnership schools need to provide materials, a room and have staff in the lessons. Alternatively we can host small groups.


We will seek verbal feedback and a short written evaluation at the end of each term. We want to know what is working well and how we can improve the offer further for the children.

Pupil involvement

There is currently no involvement with the pupils at Stormont.

The children from Little Heath are in Years 3 / 4, in mixed gender groups. 30 pupils are taking part, in two groups of 15 - one group per half term.


Frequency and duration

The sessions take place weekly and run from 9.00am to 11.30am. This will continue for the rest of the year; sessions may take place at Stormont from January 2018.