Around the World with Kidenza.

Partner: Kidenza.
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Music


  • The Kidenza orchestra which is made up of professional London based musicians plus their presenter, present a lively, interactive concert, lasting just over an hour, of music based on the theme of going on a journey around the world. The programme is chosen to inspire and excite children into the world of Classical Music. The message on their website says, “Get set to travel with us around the world on an epic musical journey.

  • We’ll be stopping off in;
    SPAIN for the Toreador song From Carmen (BBC Ten Pieces), AMERICA for some Mambo from West Side Story (BBC Ten Pieces), The CARIBBEAN where we’ll meet some Pirates, CHINA where we’ll meet The Empress of the Pagodas, AUSTRALIA were we’ll see and hear a didgeridoo, INDIA with Raga music, ANTARCTICA where it’s chilly and icy, AFRICA for some drumming and finally, back to ENGLAND for a jolly Sailor’s Hornpipe as performed on the Last night of the BBC Proms.”

  • Alongside the classical orchestral instruments, the children were introduced to a digeridoo and an African drumming piece in which all the children used body percussion and voices to join in the piece.


Aims of the project


What are the aims of the project or partnership?


  • To give children the experience of a live, high quality, classical concert which is highly interactive and above all fun. The experience aims to introduce children to a classical orchestra and the instruments, in a fun, enjoyable and educational way.


What was the identified need?


  • The majority of children, whether from the state or private sector, have never been to a classical music concert. Many children won’t have heard classical music, let alone experience a live performance by professional musicians


What are the critical factors for success?


  • The experience needed to be fun, engaging and with a highly well thought out programme that captured the children’s imaginations and attention.


Who are the immediate beneficiaries and those in the wider community?


  • Both the boys at The New Beacon and the 11schools, from both the private and state sector who attended


Background and goals


How did the project or partnership come about?


  • Director of Music, Liz Blackford, already had links with Kidenza through taking New Beacon boys to a concert held at Sevenoaks School in June 2016


Who identified the opportunity and how?


  • The opportunity to host in The New Beacon Centre meant we were able to offer the space to Kidenza for their Summer 2017 schools concert tour.


How long has it been established?


  • This was our first year of hosting 3 concerts. We are hosting again in March 2018.




What resources are critical to the success of the project or partnership?


  • E mail communication with Kidenza

  • Logistical support from Eddie Knipe, Admin Deputy Headteacher at The New Beacon; Gary Tassell, Head of Maintenance; Gill Chadbon, Health and Safety.


Does it use school facilities?


  • The New Beacon Centre : the main hall and studio space as a Green Room for the musicians to use between concerts.


How many of your staff’s man hours are dedicated to this link?


  • On the day itself, meet and greet of visiting schools and helping them depart the premises: 3 concerts: 1 hour per concert per member of staff: 10 hours; Parking assistance: 2 members of maintenance team: 6 hours in total; admin by Liz Blackford: 10 hours; meetings with Gary Tassell, Eddie Knipe, Gill Chadbon: an hour each.




Does it use teaching or non-teaching staff?


  • Teaching staff: logistics; welcoming visiting schools

  • Non-teaching staff: car and coach parking by maintenance team; risk assessment by Gill Chadbon


How many and for how long?


  • 11 teaching staff; 3 non-teaching staff throughout the day itself and in meetings to discuss logistics and risk assessment in the few weeks prior to the concert day.


Is there a financial contribution?


  • Kidenza were given the use of the facilities for free.




Is there any qualitative or quantitative assessment of the benefits of the activity?


  • Kidenza sent out surveys to all participating schools for both the teachers and pupils to complete.


How often is the assessment carried out?


  • Immediately post concert


 If not yet, what are the anticipated outcomes?


  • Kidenza have booked to return to The New Beacon in March 2018. Bookings are already being taken by many of the schools who visited in June 2017.


Pupil involvement


To what extent are pupils involved from the independent school and from other participants?


  • Three Independent Schools and Nine State sector schools


How many state sector children involved?


  • 9 visiting state sector schools: total of 495 children.


How old are the pupils?


  • Aged between 5 and 11.


What gender are they, if relevant?


  • Girls and boys.


Frequency and duration


Is this activity a single event or on-going?


  • A single event but Kidenza are booked to return in March 2018.


What is the frequency?


  • Once a year.


For how long is it likely to continue?


  • For as long hopefully as Kidenza continues.