Annual Parishioners' Lunch

Partner: St Ambrose Church / All Saints Church
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Volunteering

On Tuesday 3 July 2017 Woldingham School hosted a lunch for residents from local nursing homes and senior parishioners from the Sacred Heart Parish in Caterham and the Catholic Parish of Oxted and Warlingham.  Throughout the academic year Woldingham’s Sixth Form students have visited the nursing homes every week and worked at various functions in the local parishes.  On 3 July the students assisted the Catering Department by serving at the tables and ensuring that our guests felt welcomed.  Everyone who attended enjoyed their visit to Woldingham and as Betty, a resident at Longmead Nursing Home said, “We always look forward to our visit and we go away feeling happy and uplifted”.

Hospitality is at the heart of the Gospel and as Shauna Niequist remarked, “True hospitality is when people leave feeling better about themselves”.  It was so nice to see everyone enjoying their visit to Woldingham and going away feeling happy.  Since September it has been so pleasing to see our students embrace every opportunity to reach out to others in our community and brighten up their everyday lives.  


Aims of the project

This type of event encourages stuents to be involved in community outreach programmes, helping to care for elderly parishioners and visiting local nursing homes on a regular basis.

Background and goals

The School's Chaplain established an outreach propgramme to enable students to help the local community and gain experience of working with people.


The School's minibus drivers collect the visitors and drop them back home and the School's Caterering Department provide the lunch.


This day is part of our ethos and mission of helping others and forms part of our Sacred Heart Goal of commitment.

Frequency and duration

This is an annual event that has taken place for the last three years.