Alleyn's School Join Sweet Readers Programme

Partner: Sweet Readers
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Volunteering

Alleyn’s has continued to work with this US-based charity on the UK’s pilot scheme, which involves a six-week project for Lower School pupils (48 pupils in total) working with elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Two Year 8 classes will participate in the first year of this scheme.

Aims of the project

To enable and inspire Middle School students to see beyond the masks of aging and illness and through Creative Human Engagement and the arts, profoundly impact a life and be transformed by the experience.

To empower children to become compassionate leaders, competent community builders and skilled humanitarians.

Background and goals

Alleyn's took part in a week-long pilot scheme with the US charity. This involved six pupils over a series of four days. After a successful week Alleyn's decided to fully invest in the project and have redesigned the pupils timetable to allow a whole class to participate in Sweet Readers.