Department for Education announce new funding for cross-sector school partnerships

A new fund announced by schools minister Lord Agnew will enable state schools, independent schools and universities to expand and build exciting new partnerships. These collaborations will help facilitate greater sharing of expertise and resources between schools, for the benefit of all pupils and teachers involved. Speaking at the Schools Together annual conference in June 2019, Lord Agnew said…

Bursaries benefit the wider school community, not only the individual

John Attwater, head at King Edward's Witley, highlights that needs-based bursaries benefit not only the individual, but also the wider school community.

Global educational partnerships

Independent Schools Magazine: Cat Divison, director of the Institute of Service and Social Impact at Sevenoaks School, discusses how communities can be empowered through global educational partnerships.

School partnerships can contribute to enhanced social cohesion and collective community responsibility

Louise Brown, director of educational partnerships at New College School in Oxford, offers her perspective on what it takes to achieve a successful partnership.

Cambridge Educational Partnership

Cambridge Educational Partnership launched this May, bringing together local schools to provide opportunities for students to gain access to a variety of STEM, MFL, arts, sport and enrichment activities.