Private and state schools prove to be perfect partners

The TES today includes a report entitled 'Private and state schools prove to be perfect partners' about the important work of the independent and state school sectors. It reveals that Ministers want more collaboration between the sectors and that partnerships have so far proved productive. 

The new Schools Together website is mentioned in the article, which states that it showcases the partnerships taking place and acts as a kind of "matchmaking" service to help links schools together. Deborah Leek-Bailey, chair of the Independent/State Schools Partnership forum, is quoted, saying that the growing number of academy chains could also impact on the opportunities for schools to become involved with partnerships. She told the TES that the growth of academy chains and teaching alliances could be the key to a more "strategic and cohesive" approach to partnerships that could - in theory - lead to every school being involved in one. 

Harry Chapman, director of Partnerships at King's College School, Wimbledon, is also quoted in the article, speaking about the benefits of cross-sector collaboration. The item also includes a list of dos and don'ts with expert advice for schools that are setting up state/private sector partnerships. 

The article is available to read in full on page 19 in both the print and digital editions of this week's TES. 

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