ISC Annual Census 2016: Partnerships with local state schools

After months of hard work collecting and analysing tens-of-thousands of pieces of data, the 2016 ISC Census has been launched. ISC schools are increasingly forming partnerships with state schools through sharing facilities and expertise; 87% of schools are involved in such partnerships. There are a variety of ways in which ISC schools are involved in partnerships with state schools, from sharing sports facilities to inviting pupils from state schools to attend music lessons. ISC schools view partnerships as having wide ranging benefits for pupils and teachers from both sectors. Please click here to view the partnerships infographic included in the 2016 Census.

Over the coming weeks, Schools Together will be looking in more detail at the various areas in which schools take part in partnerships so please do keep coming back to this news page to find out more.

About the author

Schools Together celebrates and encourages partnership projects between independent schools, state schools and local communities.