Independent Schools Magazine: An interview with ISC General Secretary, Julie Robinson

Julie Robinson, General Secretary of the Independent Schools Council (ISC), was interviewed in the latest issue of Independent Schools Magazine. A range of topics was covered, including the new partnerships website Schools Together. 

ISM asked: "Sharing facilities and expertise with the state sector often comes up when charitable status is discussed. Many ISC schools already enjoy fruitful two-way partnerships with maintained schools. Does the whole ISSP initiative expanding or publicising better?"
Julie replied: "Yes, it does and that's why ISC has teamed up with the Independent State Schools Partnership forum at DfE to create the new website. We are supporting the development of the site for ISSP so that examples of collaborative cross-sector projects can be more widely advertised and better understood."

 Please click here to read the article in full (page 20). 

About the author

Schools Together celebrates and encourages partnership projects between independent schools, state schools and local communities.