Dixie Grammar/Ellesmere College Independent school/state special needs school partnership

The Schools Together team are pleased to share the following news item from The Dixie Grammar School.

The Dixie Grammar (independent school) and Ellesmere College (state Special needs school) are undertaking a number of joint projects to cement our partnership going forward. This partnership between an independent and a state special school is we think, unique, and a source of excitement for the senior teams and Governors in both schools. At present our plans include:

·         a joint fundraising project for two Gambian schools - one providing respite for children with learning difficulties and the other an independent primary school. We hope to follow this eventually with a joint school trip to Gambia. Students in both schools will join together, form a committee and decide on the best way to joint fundraise.

·         We are collaborating to help support the Aylestone Meadows appreciation society in reclaiming the meadows and removing unwanted weeds. Dixie Year 8 students will be working with post 16 students from Ellesmere on this environmental project.

  • Work experience for Dixie Year 11 students to spend a week at Ellesmere during our work experience week.
  • Duke of Edinburgh sharing of resources and expertise. We are planning for our students to help Ellesmere students gain Bronze D of E - could we even get a group of mixed students to qualify together?
  • a staff swap week - for staff willing to be challenged by a new environment for a short period of time

Through our collaboration we are realising our similarities outweigh our differences. We are both schools which aim to help students achieve their potential.

For students in both schools, through our collaboration we aim to bring about an understanding of the unique talents and potential of those of a similar age, but in a very different school. We aim to encourage students in both schools to challenge their preconceptions.

Lisa Pittwood Co-Principal of Ellesmere College visited this morning to speak to staff and students about the similarities she sees in our two schools and to invite Dixie students to volunteer to get involved in our partnership.

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