Charity Commission updates guidance on the public benefit duty of fee-charging schools

Third Sector magazine has reported that the Charity Commission has released updated guidance that encourages trustees of fee-charging schools to comment in their annual reports on activities they carry out to meet their public benefit duty, such as sharing their sports facilities with their state counterparts.

The guidance previously said fee-charging schools that had charitable status could fulfil their public benefit duty by sharing sports and arts facilities with nearby state schools. But it now encourages trustees to comment on their approach to such activities in the annual report.

Julie Robinson, general secretary of the Independent Schools Council (ISC) is quoted in the article, saying: "Across the country, extensive partnership work already takes place and there is genuine enthusiasm to see the wide range of projects grow even further. The Charity Commission's new guidance won't change this work, but will encourage schools to highlight the full range of activity already taking place, which is perhaps not widely reported."

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