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Sustaining partnerships

Schools Together Group discussion meeting: "Sustaining partnerships"
Date: 26 March 2019
Venue: Abingdon School

On Tuesday 26 March 2019, the Schools Together Group held a discussion on the theme of ‘Sustaining Partnerships’ at Abingdon School. The meeting was very well supported, with over 50 colleagues attending from far and wide. Led by an expert panel, the meeting explored the importance of various elements for achieving longevity: the use of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the importance of a dedicated coordinator, and the way in which meaningful impact evaluation feeds into the long-term success of a project. Many of the attendees came from independent schools where partnership activity already takes place, and wanted to explore how to make this commitment sustainable and long-term. Importantly, a number of attendees came from state schools who have partnered with independent schools, and are eager to deepen their relationship.


  • Memorandum of Understanding, how does it help sustain the partnership - Juliette Moxham
  • Sustainable partnerships through meaningful evaluation - Owen Carter
  • Abingdon School in partnership - building a sustainable town wide learning partnership 1 year in - Rob Southwell-Sander
  • East Kent Schools Together - Sarah Moir

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The Schools Together Group is a nationwide group of those in state and independent schools with an interest in inter-school partnerships: "Harnessing the power of partnerships for the benefit of children".