Inspiring School Partnerships: Sharing Good Practice - 24 May 2017

Eton College

The Schools Together Group summer conference was organised this year at Eton College on May 24 2017 and was aimed at those interested in building partnership programmes in the independent and the state sector. Report about the day.

Videos of the event:

Annette Aylett
Setting up a partnership - the success and pitfalls

Ben Attenborough
How to develop a successful student volunteering programme

Fred Bromley
Setting up a free school

John Weeks
Partnerships in Practice, The London Academy of Excellence

Keith Budge
Bedales School

Prof Bill Lucas
An initial review of evidence and current practises

Simon Davies
Establishing a successful and sustainable school partnership


Presentations and handouts:

Keynote - Partnerships in Practice London Academy of Excellence - John Weeks

Keynote - ISSP - An initial review of evidences and practices - Bill Lucas

Establishing a Successful and Sustainable Schools Partnership - Simon Davies

Running a Residential Summer School - Ian Harris

Cross residential Learning - Robin Parmiter

WAEB - Jeremy Kemball and Kevin Walsh 

Mentoring in English for Year 8 Students whose first language is not English - Paloma Alisse and Nina Ahmad

How to develop a Successful Student Volunteering programme - Ben Attenborough

Setting up a Free School - Sarah Butterworth (Handout here)

The York Mathematical Excellence Club - James Ratcliffe

Inspiring Musical Partnerships Martin Leigh (Handout here)

Junior Aspirations Project - Emma Nicholl and Jessica Blunden

Setting up a Partnership - successes and pitfalls - Annette Aylett

Igniting Sparks in Primary Science - Christina Astin (Handout here)

Pastoral Connections - Joint Tutorial Relationship - Mike Grenier- Rhian Morgans, Ciran Stapleton

How can we Support Young People to Gain Entry to University - Madeline St Amour

CPD and ITT - Nikki Mattin and Alison Cole

Minority Subjects Latin - Harry Vann

Free Schools - The Practicalities - Fred Bromley and Toby Young

Working with other Charities to Provide High Quality PE in Primary Schools - Trevor Pledger and Keith Gillies


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