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Young Chemistry Communicators Programme

For the last three years, pupils and parents from local primary schools have been invited to Withington Girls’ School to participate in a series of workshops which have culminated in an exciting science show.


Young Chemistry Communicators is a project overseen by Techniquest Glyndwr and funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the prime aim of which is to inspire young people to study the subject.


Withington’s Head of Chemistry oversees the event and the preparation for it beforehand. 

Withington’s state-of-the-art science laboratories are used for the programme, which allows pupils from partner schools to access more advanced scientific experiments and equipment.


The expertise and enthusiasm of the Sixth Form volunteers and staff, combined with Withington’s facilities, create an exciting and dynamic experience of Chemistry for the primary school children.

The programme also offers the Sixth Form volunteers the chance to develop their communication skills, whilst compounding their knowledge of and passion for Chemistry.

Pupil Involvement

In the first two years of the programme, around 15 girls from the Lower Sixth have volunteered, and most recently three teams took part in the initiative, making a total of 24 participants.  Each team presented a spectacular Flash Bang Chemistry Show for an audience from a local primary school. 

Over 60 Year 5 and 6 pupils from local primary schools attended the programme in each of the three years, in 2017 from Old Moat Primary School and St Paul’s CofE Primary School, and in 2018 from Acacias Primary School and Longford Park Primary School. In 2019, pupils from Northenden Community Primary School and Mauldeth Road Primary School were the very enthusiastic audience.


The programme has run annually for the last three years.