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Year Five Are Live

Tudor Hall hosted a pop-up series of interactive Zoom lessons for Year 5 pupils from primary schools in the local area.  Topics covered in the sessions were: Move it Monday - Sport and Fitness; Restless Earth - Geography and Classics; Imaginarium - Drama and Language Lab - Languages. 


Year 5 pupils in the local area have had limited provision to live teaching in lockdown therefore we felt it would be beneficial for them to take part in real live lessons to re-ignite their enthusiasm for learning. 


We have close links with a variety of local primary schools, and we recognised there was a real need to offer some live teaching to some pupils. 


The lessons were delivered via Zoom by Tudor Hall teaching staff. The pupils had to collate their own resources for the lessons relevant to each session.


This will be an annual event, with different interactive sessions offered throughout the academic year to complement their usual classroom teaching. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, and positive feedback was received from parents afterwards.


Pupil Involvement

Pupils were from year 5 and there were around 10-12 children to each session. 


This happened the week beginning the 29th June 2020, and lasted over 4 days.