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Year 9 Transformational Bursaries/Foundationers

Lancing has a long history of funding bursaries and this new programme was launched in November 2017. The Foundationers programme demonstrates our renewed commitment to empower young people so that they can go out into the world not just to be successful members of society but to change society for the better.


To support 25 vulnerable young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
To raise £3m by 2022 to enable this to happen
To inspire and enrich young minds to make a real difference in the world

Build on existing bursary scheme enlarging and consolidating the work that has already been done to offer transformational bursaries
Strengthen the inclusive and supportive culture of Lancing
Provide potentially life-changing opportunities for young people
Demonstrate the College’s clear commitment to underpin its charitable status


EYLA has been a partner in the Lancing Foundationer programme since 2018 and currently have one pupil in the school in Year 9.


 Extensive use of College resource to identify and assess pupil need and to raise funds to support the project.

Foundation Council and Steering Group for their guidance and support

Housemasters/Housemistresses, tutors and teachers for their ongoing care and support of our Foundationers whilst they are in the school.


The pupils from EYLA are boarders and start in year 9. We therefore assume that they will be at Lancing for 5 years each on a 110% bursary. The financial committment in total will amount to over £600,000.


Case studies from Foundationers “The opportunity to go to Lancing College is one that I will cherish and never forget. I hope one day to give someone like me a chance to change the blueprint of their life forever”

Impact on Foundationers: Academic progression, raised aspirations, enhanced future prospects, improved social skills, increased awareness of social diversity, enrichment and increased confidence and well-being.
Impact on staff: adopting more creative means of pastoral and academic support, working with expertise of partner organisations, satisfaction gained from supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Impact on peers: Foundationers contribution to school life is recognised, their enthusiastic approach is respected and acting as positive role models. Pupils are able to make lifelong friendships with a wider diversity of young people.
Impact on donors: Personal satisfaction of seeing very clearly what a transformative education can enable.
Impact on wider Lancing community: The message about the Foundationers programme is filtering out. The wider community recognises the College’s commitment to widening participation and its commitment to enhancing the opportunities for disadvantaged young people.

Pupil Involvement

Inaddition to the current year 9 pupil (boy), Lancing will be welcoming two new pupils (boy and girl) to year 9 in September 2019. They will be joining a school of 590 pupils and will play an active part in the school community throughout their time at Lancing.


The College relationship is ongoing and is likely to be repeated in 2020 and beyond with at least one pupil starting per year.