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Year 5/7 Morning

To share resources with local primary school teachers and to develop links with local schools.


- Year 5 students to work in a team with Year 7 and Year 10 girls on a range of challenging mathematical activities

- To develop a love and passion for mathematics and have the oppurtunity to work on activities outside the curriculum.

- To give Year 5 students experience of being in a secondary school

- To share resources with local primary school teachers and to develop links with local schools

Head of Mathematics of BHS wished to promote the school to local primary schools in order to attract pupils who might not have normally thought about the school as a potential secondary school. To develop a community based event that raises the profile of Mathematics.

Students engaged and enjoying working on various mathematical activities in a team. 

Year 5 students and local primary school teachers will be the immediate beneficiaries.




The project was created by Head of Mathematics; Sue O'Hanlon.

Sue O'Hanlon identified the oppurtunity, she had lots of puzzles and wished to share them with the local community. 

It has been established 8 years.


 Activity packs

- Paper/pens/glue/scissors

- Use of school sports hall

- Tables and chairs

- 2 teaching staff to organise event plus gap girl over a period of 6 weeks

 - 4 teaching staff on the day

- Caretakers to set up and pack away tables and chairs

- Main costs are photocopying and lunch and refreshments provided for the visitors


Not yet. But we receive informal thanks by pupils and primary school teachers at the end of the event. Plus the same schools wish to return each year. 

Pupil Involvement

Year 5 Juniors, Year 7 and Year 10 girls are involved. The BHS pupils are all female but the outside primary schools are mixed. 


Once a year. This is an on-going event.