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Year 5 Clever Clogs Project

Wimbledon High 'Clever Clogs' project aims to inspire, raise aspirations and academically challenge girls and boys in Year 5 who are academically gifted and receive pupil premium funding. The students in Year 5 expereince a four week carousel in English, Maths, Science and Coding, during which they are taught by Wimbledon staff and at the same time receive 1:1 mentoring from a Wimbledon High school student in Year 11, 12 or 13. The programme runs weekly for one hour from September through to April, with a total of 16 weeks tuition.


1. To inspire and raise the aspirations of Year 5 students.

2. To provide role models for the Year 5 students to look up to and to work alongside.

3. To provide the opportunity for Wimbledon students to mentor and work with people from a different economic backgrounds.


This programme was established through discussion with partner schools about their areas of need and then aligned with the needs of Wimbledon High.


Four Wimbledon High teaching staff

One Wimbledon support staff and minibus

Four classrooms

35 Wimbledon students 

16 weeks tuition on a weekly basis, for one hour per week.


To aims of the programme have been established and will be measured via questionnaire and through the student log books in order to obtain qualitative and quantitative data.

The assessment will be carried out at the end of the course.

Pupil Involvement

The students from the independent school act as mentors ona 1:1 basis.


This programme is ongoing on a weekly basis.

One hour per week for 16 weeks.

It will take place annually for the foreseeable future.