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Year 3 and 4 Hockey Festival

An afternoon of training and fun hockey games, designed to give the opportunity to try a new sport to some, and others a chance to harness their skills.


Given the need for an astro surface, hockey is not a sport that many primary schools get to play. We wanted to give as many local schools as possilbe an opportunity to learn the basics of this wonderful sport. 


A few years ago, an ex-parent of our school became a TA at a local primary school and contacted us about hosting such an event. Over recent years, the number of schools in attendance has grown. We are now in our 5th year of running these afternoons and each year we slightly alter our approach to enhamce the experience for the visiting children.


Apart from the use of our astro pitch, we also provide the necessary equipment. Some children have to be fitted with gum shields on the day, but they get to keep that small souvenier, which goes down very well. 

We usually dedicate four members of staff to the afternoon, but in addition to this our estates team take time to set up shelter and seating around the astro. Our Kitchen team also provide refreshments for the visiting staff, pupils and parents.


The progress the visiting children make is of course important and each year we are very surprised how much they learn in just one afternoon.

However, the enjoyment factor is always our top priority. At the end of the session we also talk about the local hockey clubs available and there are always pupils who insist that they are going to make their parents take them in future.

Pupil Involvement

This event is open to all local primary schools Year 3 and 4 pupils.


We hold this event every February, just before the half term break.