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'Worst Jobs in History'

JULY 2017:  Pupils in pairs exerience, record & score 7 very nasty or mind-numbingly boring jobs such as being a churl, a coin thrall, bog iron hunter, powder monkey, body-snatcher, artist's model and nit picker.  


Identified need: to enthuse about History; active LOtC opportunities; community collaboration; School development plan to widen community links

Beneficiaries: Year 5s, as wider subject experience and learning. 


'Worst jobs' day is part of an application for a grant to the Chalke Valley History Trust, which was successful. 

Pupil Involvement

Pupils at Shapwick are both state- and privately--funded due to the specialism of Dyslexia, Dyscalculia & Dyspraxia that Shapwick champions; pupils at Meare PS are all state-funded.

Meare pupils are all in Year 5; Shapwick Pupils are either in Year 6 (x3) or Year 4, mixed gender.