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World Challenge Expedition

A team of Withington pupils and staff took part in an expedition to Sri Lanka, run by ‘World Challenge’.


All Lower Sixth pupils are given the opportunity to go on a World Challenge Expedition. The most recent expedition took place place in July/August 2017 when 15 Sixth Formers travelled to Sri Lanka for three weeks. Every trip includes a period of time spent doing community work, which the team fundraises for in advance. 


Two members of Withington’s teaching staff accompanied the girls on the 2017 trip to Sri Lanka. They helped organise fundraisers for the trip, took part in a training weekend, and accompanied the girls on the three-week long trip over the Summer Holiday.



The team built an extension on a maternity ward and repaved a school’s playground with the funds they had raised.

There were over 500 people living in the area where this work was done, and all will have benefited from the improvements made.

Pupil Involvement

The 2017 team consisted of 15 girls from the Upper Sixth Form. Each pupil had to raise £3,000 for the trip, which they did through fundraising activities and sponsorship.

They were also responsible for organising and carrying out various community projects whilst in Sri Lanka. 


The World Challenge expedition runs annually. A trip to Kenya is planned for 2019.