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Working with the homeless - FirmFoundation

Harrow boys have been visiting drop in centres and night shelters to help Harrow’s homeless. 

Julian Saunders, Manager FirmFoundation:

‘FirmFoundation are so grateful for the partnership with Harrow School’s Shaftesbury Enterprise, bringing together the philanthropic principles of Lord Shaftesbury and the practical work of a homelessness charity. It is a source of deep pleasure and admiration to witness Harrovians effortlessly welcome and engage our clients who in that moment may well be experiencing their lowest ebb.’ 

FirmFoundation have also been the recipient of funds raised from Long Ducker (it was nominated as the main charity in 2016). As a direct consequence of this they have been able to employ extra staff which has significantly increased their capacity to assist Harrow’s rough sleepers.



To provide support to local homeless people. Not only to provide tangible benefits to some of Harrow's most vulnerable local people but also to broaden the horizons of Harrovians to gain a greater understanding of the issue of homelessness. 

To raise funds for FirmFoundation.


FirmFoundation was selected as the Long Ducker charity in 2016 and the project with the drop in centres and night shelter has grown from this. 


Night shelters and drop in centres - none apart from staff and student time to attend.

Long Ducker - whole school project, see Long Ducker section.


The boys have clearly been moved by their work with FirmFoundation and staff have also helped. The School Chaplain (also Vicar of St Mary's) has arranged for St Mary's Church to provide hot meals for the night shelter as part of the monthly rota.

Around £50,000 was raised for FirmFoundation through Long Ducker. This allowed them to employ more staff and increase their capacity. 

A sleepout to raise further funds are now an annual event.

Pupil Involvement

Drop in and Night Shelter: Sixth form only - 2/4 boys. 

Long Ducker fundraising - every boy in the school. 


Weekly during winter timetable (November until start of March).