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Willow Court - Book Buddies

Year 1 at Aldwickbury School have set up a partnership with a local care home, Willow Court, to read and share books with the residents on a weekly basis during term time. Every week, one of the three Year 1 classes visits the residents, walking over to the care home. The boys share a book with one of the residents and enjoy chatting to them over a glass of juice before walking back to School.


The aim of these sessions is to develop inter-generational relationships between the boys and residents as well as raise confidence, improve reading and conversation skills in the boys, and raise the confidence and sense of well being of the residents.


The sessions were started in November 2018 when Aldwickbury School contacted Willow Court to set up the partnership.


We anticipate the the sessions will develop the confidence of both residents and boys as well as develop inter-generational relationships and a sense of community.

Pupil Involvement

All of Aldwickbury's Year 1 pupils will be involved.


 The sessions will run on a weekly basis, rotating between the three classes.