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Weekly use of Maltman's Green School Swimming Pool by St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Every Wednesday afternoon, during term-time, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School bring some of their Year 4 pupils, both boys and girls, to have lessons in our swimming pool.

One staff member from Maltman's Green is involved in the lesson each week.


Bringing value to the Year 4 pupils of St Joseph's, by helping them to complete 25 metres front crawl and breast stoke, by the end of KS2, which is a Country requirement for all pupils in the state school system.


St Joseph's School use Maltman's Green Swimming Pool every Wednesday from 1pm-3pm.  This involves one Maltman's Green staff member as well as their own staff team.

St Joseph's are charged £184.50 per session (a session is classed as the two-hour lesson each week)

Pupil Involvement

The pupils, both boys and girls, are in Year 4 (Under 9's) and two classes come each week.


Weekly during term-time.