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During the Pandemic, Year 4 children wrote letters to the residents of a local Care Home. The children shared their feelings about lockdown and detailed their hobbies and what they had experienced with their families. We also donated sets of watercolours and brushes along with watercolour paper so that the residents could enjoy painting classes.


We wanted to reach out to our local community by writing to the residents and giving them something to do- some even wrote back to the children and we had one of the care home workers visit us to deliver the letters. 


We have sung to the residents in recent years but due to the Pandemic, we were unable to visit for a couple of years. Writing letters, gave us the opportunity to re-establish contact.


We purchased the art equipment for the Care Home.

We also lent them our K'Nex kits, thinking that the residents might enjoy constructing models but this was not used as much.


The children were excited to receive letters back and it prompted lots of discussions about older people and how the pandemic must have affected them.

Pupil Involvement

Year 4 age, girls.


We will continue to keep in touch and are planning on singing to the residents for Christmas.