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Volunteering at St Faith's Nursing Home

Cheltenham Ladies' College has had a long partnership with St Faith's and both the residents of the nursing home and the students themselves enjoy the feeling of a connection to community which comes with these weekly visits. As it is so close to the school, girls are able to walk to the home and girls attend most days of the school week, meaning that residents always have someone to chat to.


The aims of the project are to improve the lives of the residents of St Faith's and provide them with interaction with the younger generation, something which CLC has been achieving


The partnership between CLC and St Faith's, like with many of our community engagement projects, is a long-term commitment and has provided the girls with an opportunity for volunteering for many generations of students.


Both teaching and non-teaching staff are involved with the organisation, observation and maintenance of this project

Pupil Involvement

We send girls aged 16 to 18 to St Faith's, from the Upper and Lower Sixth Form.


Our students attend reguarly once a week on rotation so that there are girls going to St Faiths' every day of the school week.