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Volunteering at Sandford Park

Our 4th Form students go out weekly to help maintain the grounds in the parks.  They are accompanied by a College teacher and involved in a range of activities including -

- Gardening tasks in the park to clear away areas and also pruning and cutting back trees and shrubs at appropriate times to help them grow.

- Litter picking to keep the park looking tidy.

- When the light has been poor the group have looked at the history of Sandford Park and began to put together research for an information panel in the Park





Benefits are keeping the park tidy for all to enjoy and looking after the plants and trees to encourage growth.

College pupils are actively involved in 'giving back' to their local community and are exposed to the benefits that come from their work.  They also gain a sense of achievement from being involved in worthwhile activity.




This is a new initiative that started in September 2017 following an approach made by College to the Cheltenham Borough Council.


The partnership project will be reviewed annually.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils are in Yr 10


This is a weekly programme across all three terms.

It is anticipated that this project will remain on-going.