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Volunteering at Cheltenham Animal Shelter

Cheltenham Ladies' College has been involved with the workings of the shelter for many years and girls help out in a variety of ways both on- and off-site. Tasks range from dog walking to socialising animals and assisting with the day-to-day running of the shelter, which relies on volunteers as well as full-time workers.


The aims of the partnership is to provide the girls with a sense of civic engagement by way of directly helping this community group. The girls attend regularly and they are able to see the impact of their actions upon the animals in their care. There are benefitis to both the shelter and the students.


Both teaching and non-teaching staff are involved in the organisation of this project


Girls volunteer reguarly at the animal shelter, attending once a week, with girls continuing their placements for many months at a time. There is a strong relationship between that two organisations and this is a continuing partnership