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Volunteering at Belmont School

Sixth Form pupils volunteered to help at Belmont Special School for the day.


The aim of the day was to support the outstanding work of the Belmont School teachers and for the Dean Close pupils to both offer that support and also give back to their local community.



The member of staff in charge of the Community Action Programme at Dean Close approached Belmont with the offer for some of our students to help for a day, which was gratefully received.



Pupils and staff gave their time, energy and enthusiasm for this event.


The impact is assessed by the written feedback from both Belmont staff and the Dean Close pupils. For example:

'I am Kevin Day, Head from Belmont Special School (an educational neighbour to Dean Close).  I felt compelled to write following a number of your post 16 students visiting and working with my students and staff today.  Your students were an absolute credit in every respect today, Belmont has worked with a number of schools in recent year and all the young people have been reliable and honest, but very few cohorts have also demonstrated such character and initiative as the Dean Close students today. It has been great linking up today and I hope our schools can continue to work together in the future. Please thank the staff involved.'



Pupil Involvement

14 Sixth Form pupils helped all the pupils at Belmont.


This has started as a single event but, as the Head of Belmont has written, this should develop into something more sustained.