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Vocal Music Day

Hosting a day of singing, led by a professional choir master, with vocal activities and rehearsals throughout the day, culminating in a concert for parents held in Spratton Hall theatre.


To give children the opportunity to work with a professional choir master and vocal coach.

To give children the opportunity to perform in a theatre.

The visiting children benefit from developing their singing and musical abilities, as well as benefitting from the experience of performing in a theatre.

Their parents benefited from seeing their children perform.


The project came about as we held a similar day for our own pupils, and it was so successful that we wanted to allow pupils from other schools to share the experience.

This is the 2nd event we have held (the first was in 2016). Both visiting schools have reported back that it was so successful, and have asked if we can hold the event every year, rather than alternate years


The choirmaster (his fees for the day are £200).

Our own music staff to assist and supervise.

We provided transport, by picking the children up in our own minibuses.

Use of the theatre.

Lunch provided for pupils & staff.

Total financial contribution: £300


Feedback from pupils and staff was very positive. We could see the joy on the children's faces both throughout the day and in the concert.

The children's parents passed on very positive comments too.

Pupil Involvement

Year 5 children from Spratton Hall

Years 5 & 6 boys & girls from partner schools


We had planned to hold the event every two years, but following its huge success and requests from our partner schools, we will now hold it every year.