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Visit of Dr David Woodman

Dr David Woodman is Senior Tutor at Robinson College, University of Cambridge. He visited IPS to talk to our pupils about the Oxbridge Admissions process. Building on earlier collaboration in this sphere, 14 Year 12 pupils (and 4 parents) from Grey Court joined us for this event


To proffer participants with a better understanding of the Oxbridge admissions process


In Autumn 2018, our two schools co-operated on the provision of Oxbridge mock interviews for Year 13 applicants. This latest project builds on that work


The lecture was held in IPS's Theatre. Two members of the IPS teaching staff were involved, plus our Theatre Technician


The talk was well-received. The audience asked a great many questions at its conclusion

Pupil Involvement

Apx 30 IPS pupils attended the event

14 pupils from Grey Court attended, plus 4 parents


Although this is a one-off event, we continue to collaborate with Grey Court in this area and are now planning a joint Oxbridge Admissions Day for Year 12 students to be held in Summer 2019