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Use of the School's Sports Centre as an MCC Hub

The school was approached by the MCC to establish a Hub as part of their charitable endeavours  to encourage less fortunate children, of both sexes, to learn to play cricket and, perhaps more importantly, to learn to be a member of a team. We were keen to support this venture.


The aim is to provide cricket coaching to children who would not otherwise have access to it and for them to benefit from particiapation in this excellent sport.


The school was approached by a former Clerk of the Merchant Taylors' Company who had strong links with the MCC. The school was keen to support the venture.


The Sports Centre is used for 3 hours each Friday throughout the Autumn and Winter to provide indoor coaching.


The MCC have been keen to continue with the Hub and so, from their perspective, it is fulfilling its aims to encourage children to learn to play cricket and to benefit from everything that goes with the sport.

Pupil Involvement

Children from the local area access the facilities and participate in the Hub.


Every Friday evening for 3 hours during the Autumn and Winter