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U9 Inter Schools Football Tournament 2019

Annual U9 football tournament organised and hosted by St. Andrew's School for up to five local state schools. In 2019 the following schools attended: Goldsworth Primary, Sythwood Primary, Horsell Junior School, West Byfleet Junior and New Haw Community.


To share our facilities and give local schools the opportunity to participate in a tournament. We identified that there were no other local tournaments involving partnership between the state and independent sector in our area. The immediate beneficiaries were the children, staff and parents from the invited schools.


A need was identified by the Senior Leadership Team in 2012 when St. Andrew's opened a new all-weather surface and wanted to share the facilities with the local community.


The following resources are used to co-ordinate the event:

Admin time - 10 hours

3 x sports staff on the day for 4 hours (each)

Catering staff  x 3  (including serving) - 4 hours

Cost of food for the tea

Ordering and cost of trophies and medals including engraving: 

Ordering and printing of programme for the event.


An email is sent out after the event annually asking for feedback. This feedback is incorporated into the planning for the following year. Over the past 5 years, only one school has dropped out and that was due to resource issues. Feedback has always been incredibly positive both during the event and after. The children have a lot of fun and gain a lot from meeting children from other schools whilst enjoying the facilities at St. Andrew's.

2019 Example feedback: New Haw Community: ‘As usual a well run, fun event.’

Pupil Involvement

Nine boys aged 8/9 were involved from St. Andrew's as players together with 45 children from the other five schools.


This is an ongoing annual event that is set to continue in future years.