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To provide staff and resources of PE and Games lessons weekly for pupils ranging from Year 3 to Year 6

PE staff from York House School provide transport, staff and resources to teach PE and Games lessons every Monday afternoon to a choosed year group from Harvey Road. These activities include team building activities, orienteering, rugby, football, cross country, athletics and hockey.


YHS have the staff, resources and expertise to help assist in the teaching of these areas of the PE National curriculum. 

The local school children will gain the knowledge, experience and  support to aid their progress in these lessons.

The Primary school staff will gain confidence and ideas to teach these areas individually in the future.


Harvey Roads Head Teacher approached YHS to aid, assist and support the teaching and learning experience of their staff and pupils.

The partnership has been running for two years.


Transportation of pupils using YHS minibuses to and from YHS .

One member of staff per week.

All sports facilities including pitches, astro, fields, assault course and sports equipment.


Pupils from Y2 -Year 6 have the benefit of a half term unit of work.

The benefits are subjective but all Harvey Road teachers have reported on enormous progress in attitude towards learning, increase in team work, an increased positive approach to PE, as well as progress in skills, communication and ability within each unit taught.

Pupil Involvement

Each year group from Year 2-6 have a 5 week unit.


The project is on going on a weekly basis throughout the teaching year.

The plan is to keep supporting this local primary school for the next five years.