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Thrive Garden and the Gardening Club

The Queen's Gate Gardening Club have been raising money for Thrive Garden and are now volunteering there, gardening and preparing education packs for their peers in the charity's schools outreach programme. 


  • to develop our girls' gardening skills and contact with nature in a school with no outside space to speak of
  • to allow the girls to appreciate and contribute to the work of the charity
  • to, eventually, have girls working alongside service users
  • for the girls to produce well-targeted gardening and wellbeing resources for their peers in other schools


PE lessons take place in Battersea Park, right beside the Thrive Garden Head Office.  The PE teacher who runs the Gardening Club popped in to build the connection, beginnning with an offer to fundraise last year. 


Teacher time to run the club and take a small group of Y9 girls to Thrive Garden for their volunteering 

A small clubs budget is used to give the girls gardening experience at School

The Gardening Club has raised money via a flowershow and selling plants and drinks in the little green space they have created at School 



The girls are benefitting from the gardening itself and their interaction with the charity, while Thrive Garden is benefitting from the cash, the time and the young people's energy

Pupil Involvement

Y7-9, with Y9 volunteering at the charity itself