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Theatre In Education (TIE) performances


Performances of short, prepared plays by the Year 10 Drama group that would impart a message (ie peer pressure/healthy eating etc) using Drama skills to present the ideas in an engaging, age-appropriate way.



The identified need was to build mutually beneficial links with local primary schools; it is important for St Mary's pupils to be part of and engage with the local community. We use the process as a ‘mock’ project in preparation for the Year 10 devised Drama pieces.

Critical factors for success are: effective liaison with the Primary School; good feedback from the school; well-prepared plays that demonstrate forward planning and a solid extra-curricular rehearsal process.

Immediate beneficiaries and beneficiaries in the wider community: Colerne CofE Primary School.



The The in Education (TIE) scheme has been embedded in the Year 10 programme for a number of years;  we looked for an appropriate – but different - school to take the students to this year.

The partnership with Colerne CofE Primary School was established in the Autumn Term, 2018.

The opportunity was identified by Mr Duncan Ellis, Acting Director of Drama; he had contacts at Colerne CofE Primary School (as his children had attended this school).




Resources critical to the success of the project include: use of the school minibus for transport; two teaching staff to attend and supervise; length of time for the project - two hours, plus travelling time.

The financial contribution from St Mary's Calne is the cost of the minibus.





The project provides excellent preparation for the students' devised Drama piece (which takes place in April). It taught the students the importance of preparation/use of costume and props and the enjoyment of ‘reaching out’ and working in the community, as well as the immediate, kinetic reaction of a live audience.

The frequency of assessment is once a year.

The anticipated outcomes: good practice for the Year 10 Drama students and this is also a relationship that can be built up for the future (possible venue for Drama Club performances etc) and possible links might also be established between the Primary School and other Departments at St Mary's Calne too.



Pupil Involvement


Involvement of girls from St Mary's Calne, aged 14-15.

Involvement of pupils from Colerne CofE Primary School - girls and boys, aged  9-11.




This is a single event which will be repeated once a year.