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The Up for Debate Competition 2019

IPS hosted the South of England round of the PiXL Club (in collaboration with The Noisy Classroom)'s Up for Debate competition. The competition involved teams from over 40 state schools - nearly 300 pupils in total, plus another 30 or so judges


To assist state schools in promoting the oracy agenda


IPS has undertaken several projects in concert with The Noisy Classroom and this was the second time when we have hosted Up for The Debate, having also done so in 2018


We gave over the use of our Theatre and New School classrooms for the day, plus our Refectory and Studio Theatre. 4 members of our catering team serviced the needs of the participants, together with one member of our technical team, four schools keepers and our Deputy Headmaster. We ran a bus transfer for participants to and from a nearby station.


Nearly 300 young people were involved in the competition

Pupil Involvement

Participants were drawn from Year 8 and 9


This was a one-off event but we hope to repeat in 2020.