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The Froebelian School Raises £100s for The Royal British Legion Horsforth Branch

The whole school community rasied money for The Royal British Legion throughout 2016/17 and presented them with a cheque for the Horsforth Branch for £916.



To rasie money for the charity 


The project was a designated school charity for 2016/17


The whole school community was involved including volunteer parents, family and freinds


£916 was rasied throughout the year


Pupil Involvement

All pupils aged 3-11 years were involved in some capacity.

The children are involved in fundraising activity individually, in their forms, houses or as a complete school. It helps them remain grounded, and understand how lucky they are to enjoy good health and wellbeing. We also ensure that the children develop organisational skills through fundraising; this complements the growth of their social awareness and an appreciation of the value of money, and the effort that goes into earning it.


THis was carried out thtoughout 2016/17