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The Aldworth Partnership

The Aldworth Partnership is a project that links Reading Blue Coat School with many state primary schools in the area.  The focus of the partnership is transformational ministry.  We still raise money (transactional ministry) but the aim is to all grow together in our relationships, values and principles. The symbiotic relationship means that Blue Coat students and local primary school students gain a lot.  The research is strong - those that serve are happier.

The Partnership schools are : Thameside Primary School, Rivermeade Primary, Highwood Primary, Cranbury Primary, St Dominic's Primary, Sonning Primary, Loddon Primary, St John's Primary, Hawkedon Primary, Aldryngton Primary and Crazies Hill Primary.




The aim is to enable every student at Blue Coat to serve in each year they are at the school.  The goal is to create partnerships with local primary schools where by both the students at Blue Coat and the students at the primary schools learn and grow together.  The Sixth Form students will also run tutorials at the primary schools.  The project will be student driven.  The primary schools also have the opportunity to use Blue Coat facilities and the Blue Coat students facilitate this.



Blue Coat School has the opportunity to serve its local community more.  The students at Blue Coat have the opportunity to grow in their understanding of service which will help their own mental well-being.  Many local primary schools struggle to resource activities, therefore, the partnership will help everybody. 


The man power of Blue Coat students, sports and board games equipment, minibuses, staff members and Blue Coat facilities, for example the swimming pool and climbing wall.


Huge improvement in the well-being of the Blue Coat students.  Lovely relationships formed with local primary schools.  The primary school students having role models, fun and forming relationships with older students.

Pupil Involvement

Year 7 - all year 7s have six opportunities to participate each year.

Year 8 - all year 8s have six opportunities to participate each year.

Year 9 and above - have the opportunity to volunteer to serve once a week.


Each partnership primary school will be visited once a week, usually between 11:15 and 14:00.