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TEDx at Taunton School

Taunton School become a part of the global TED community by hosting and arranging a TEDx event.


Students and staff took their place on the famous ‘red spot’ and delivered thought-provoking and diverse talks to a captivated audience in the school’s theatre, ranging from ‘The social awakening of shareholder value’ to ‘Why it matters how we kill’.


Taunton School, who is the only organisation in the area to have hosted such as event, began preparations nearly one year ago, meticulously adhering to brand requirements. The theme of the event was “The essence of a changing world” and speakers were invited to deliver a 10 minute presentation under the strict TED rules.


TEDx, the ‘x’ meaning it is independently organised, is known world-wide for its unique, engaging and informative delivery of presentations.


Single event.