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Teach Together French/Spanish at Ricards Lodge High School

Wimbledon High School have partnered with Ricards Lodge High School for the Teach Together French and Spanish projects. These language programmes gives our students the unique opportunity to initially, be taught how to teach by Wimbledon High staff, before heading out to one of our partner schools, in this case, Ricards Lodge. It will follow the very successful model the science department have delivered over the last two years called ISSP, however, the range of subjects is much more diverse.The Teach Together programme benefits not only our state partner schools, but also WHS students. We have seen a growth in confidence in personal delivery and a more thorough understanding of students from different backgrounds.


  • To help Y11 students prepare for their speaking exams
  • To go through the grammatical tenses needed at GCSE with Y11 pupils


The Teach Together project as a whole commenced in September 2017 at Wimbledon High School whereby we reached out to a number of schools to invite them to collaborate with us. Our goal is to ensure our students here at Wimbledon High learn valuable new skills for their own personal development as well as the partnering schools benefiting from having our students teach them subjects in a fun and innovative way.



Two members of teaching staff support the French and Spanish Teach Together projects in partnership with Ricards Lodge.


The pupils at Ricards Lodge have practised present, perfect, imperfect, future and conditional tenses (regular and irregular verbs.) They have revised topic areas needed in the GCSE exam, including education and holidays and have also translated sentences into French and practised speaking about their oral topics.

The Wimbledon High mentors have developed their patience and confidence through teaching their mentees. Mentors consolidated their own knowledge of the different grammatical tenses by teaching them to others which has strengthened their own understanding of the languages.

It is evident that there has been an ongoing and improved relationship between the Wimbledon High and Ricards Lodge pupils as well well as a closer liaison between teachers from both schools.


Pupil Involvement

13 girls from Year 11-13 are involved from Wimbledon High School and there are up to 10 French pupils and 5 Spanish pupils involved at Ricards Lodge.


The Teach Together project runs for a total of 20 weeks from September through to Easter. This opportunity will be on offer every school year for the forseeable future.