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Teach Me Swimming at Ripley Court

Teach Me Swimming is a swimming tuition company that provides swimming tuition for children in the West Surrey area at Ripley Court School.


There is a shortage of swimming facilities in West Surrey and the Ripley Court swimming pool provides a fantastic facility for children in the area to learn this important life skill.


The partnership was established between the leader of Teach Me Swimming and Ripley Court in 2010, initially for children at Ripley Court. Now, very few children at Ripley Court attend (they have lessons as a normal part of their curriculum) and the vast majority of attendees and beneficiaries are children attending local state First and Primary schools.


The Ripley Court pool.

Teach Me Swimming personnel.


Not yet.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils aged 3 - 11, mostly, from local state schools.


Weekday evening (Tuesday) and Saturday and Sunday mornings.