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Taunton Live & Pride Sponsorship

The school sponsored Taunton Live & Pride, a one day celebration of Arts, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion. This is a free event with stages, a literary area, children's area as well as free creative workshops and food stalls. 


The school wanted to show its ongoing support for the LGBTQ+ community both as an ethos and in the local community. Taunton School believes in championing diversity and creating spaces for marginalised groups to have their voices heard.


This is an annual event run by an independent company.


A financial contribution was made to  assist with events costs, allowing it to be free entry.


The event is celebrated within the community and was a success in terms of turn out and LGBTQ+ visibility. With the event being able to be free it allowed anyone to experience the day and engage and learn what the community represents.


One time event.