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Swimming lessons for Langford and Falconbrook Primary Schools

Emanuel School is welcoming Langford Primary and Falconbrook Primary school pupils for weekly swimming lessons.


Swimming is a life skill. Given tight budgets, access to instructors and pool time is limited. Providing children with enough time in the water to learn to swim 25 metres and to float is hugely challenging. 

By providing access, we are able to help these children  learn to swim. 


Langford and Falconbrook are partner schools. We are collaborating on a number of different initiatives. 

The opportunity was identified through ongoing dialogue in which we explore areas where we can work together to make a positive impact. 


Emanuel school provides our pool, instructors and life guards free of charge. We also provide swimming caps and goggles as necessary. 

Each swimming session is 30 minutes. We are providing 20 sessions over the year. 


The primary school pupils were assessed on their swimming ability during their first session. Pupils were divided into ability groups where they could work with a teacher to develop their skills. 

Assessments will be carried out after 10 and 20 weeks. 

Many of the children could not swim at all, in fact, were afraid to enter the water. As the weeks pass, they  are gaining confidence. By the end of the 20 sessions, we expect the children to be able to swim 25 metres confidently and to be able to float. 

Pupil Involvement

Emanuel pupils are not involved in this activity. 

The pupils from Langford and Falconbook are in Years 5 and 6 and are a mixture of boys and girls.


It is an ongoing event. 

It takes place weekly and will continue for 20 sessions this academic year. We expect to continue providing free swimming lessons going forward.