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Surrey Dive Centre at Ripley Court

Surrey Dive Centre is a long-standing local supplier of diving equipment, organised dives and training up to PADI accreditation in the Surrey Area.


To provide water time for training for Surrey Dive Centre. The need for this was common to most in this area - a shortage of water time in local pools in West Surrey. This is an ongoing project and the factors for success are the delivery of the pool in good working condition and Surrey Dive Centre's continued provision of diving and training as a centre of excellence.


The need for water time is long established, and this project started over five years ago.


This uses school facilities and non-teaching maintenance staff, and is staffed otherwise by Surrey Dive Centre personnel. Surrey Dive Centre contributes financially to the maintenance of the pool.


No specific criteria for success or evaluation is in place, but it is a long-standing and successful partnership to the benefit of both parties.

Pupil Involvement

This is more geared to adult divers although some local children have been trained to SCUBA dive.


This is an ongoing weekly arrangement that happens over the weekends.