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Supporting the NHS Vaccine Campaign

Pupils and teachers from St Albans School DT Dept. collaborated with the Hertsmere Vaccine Hub on a project to design and produce covid vaccine trays that are fit for purpose and would enable the doctors to transport the covid vaccines safely from the area they are prepared to the Hall where they are administered. 



Over the last six months, one of our parents along with her GP colleagues has been running a large Covid Vaccination Centre for the residents of Hertsmere.

The medical team had been preparing the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccinations in the kitchen and transferring them to the tables in the hall for their large army of volunteers to administer, using homemade cardboard and sponge containers that were not fit for purpose.

The parent reached out to a teacher in St Albans School DT department to ask for support in designing a container that they could use to transport the vaccines safely. The DT Dept worked tirelessly with the assistance of a group of Fourth Form GCSE pupils, in designing and producing suitable trays, built to the specifications requested.

The custom-built trays were used for the first time recently and the response of the volunteer vaccinators was overwhelming, they commented, ‘they will totally transform the way we can safely deliver these lifesaving vaccines to our patients’ and ‘it will allow us to work even faster giving the covid vaccine which is so important with the ominous threat of the Indian variant.’

The DT Dept at St Albans School was delighted to be a part of this successful community collaboration.


A parent (who is a doctor at the vaccine hub) contacted the School's DT Dept. to ask for help in producing vaccine trays that were fit for purpose.


Materials for the vaccine trays were sourced and provided by the DT Dept.


The trays made a positive impact upon the day to day delivery of the vaccines. Below is a comment from one of the doctors at the vaccine hub.

'The trays were used for the first time this weekend and the response of the volunteer vaccinators was overwhelming. They will totally transform the way we can safely deliver these life saving vaccines to our patients, and looks so professional.'

Pupil Involvement

Fourth Form GCSE pupils from the DT Dept.