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Supporting Senior Leadership Team

Senior members of staff at Tudor Hall, including the Headmistress, have been collaborating with the SLT at William Morris.


The aim of the partnership is to provide support and resources to the leadership team at William Morris.


William Morris Primary School and Tudor Hall formed a link in 2016 when the Director of the Co-Curriculum became a governor at the school. Since then, William Morris have welcomed Tudor Hall students and staff into their school to assist with and provide support for a variety of projects. The Director of the Co-Curriculum is now the Vice Chair of Govenors and the link with the school has been formalised.


An example of the impact that this has had on the children at the school is apparent in a number of activities that Tudor Hall girls have been involved with that are detailed on the schools together website. The leadership team at William Morris were particularly delighted, however, to be able to reward 14 of their children for 100% attendance with a place at Tudor Hall's Summer Camp. The SLT felt that the week had given the children an 'amazing experience, in a new, exciting and nurturing environment'. They were also hopeful that it will 'help improve attendance in subsequent academic years'. 

Pupil Involvement